Why I’m blogging

Over the past decade, I’ve kept a blog at one time or another. The problem is that I never made it more than about seven posts in. Invariably I’d let other aspects of life overtake the writing. Of the posts I’ve written, my favorite was a group theoretic analysis of the Sim Sala Bim card trick. I learned that trick when I was in fifth grade and realized it was based on the symmetric group during my postdoc. I lost track of that post, otherwise I’d post it here.

So, all this has me thinking about why I wanted to blog back then and why I want to blog now (when I’m much more busy). I suppose there are few reasons:

  1. It gives me a record of things that I’ve thought about in enough depth  to write something coherent.
  2. It gives me an easy way to share something that I find interesting or worthwhile with others.
  3. When I write something technical, the writing helps me better understand the thing I’m writing about.
  4. The majority of my writing experience is with research papers, so blogging makes me a better writer.

This time, I’m determined to not let this fall by the wayside. This is due in part to my wife and I keeping a blog for our yoga studio, Adi Yoga of Nashville.


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