In a rush

If you asked my wife, or my closest friends, what my greatest struggle is, they would say “time”. I’ve often felt that there isn’t enough time in the day, or in life, for me to do all the things I’d like to. I feel less like that since spending five months in India last year. But the feeling creeps up every now and then.

Which leads me to why I’m writing about this today. I visited the website of Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey, a fellow of the National Geographic Society, to see if there were any updates recently. The most recent post is It’s About Time…an unforgettable lesson. She talks about a Micronesian man who asks her why she’s always going so fast. She says her film crew is waiting for her. The man pauses and says “You folks have watches but you have no time.”

That’s me sometimes. Trying to do everything, now.