Comments on the Apple Watch

My Apple Watch arrived yesterday. I chose the 42mm stainless steel model, with the black leather loop. It looks great and feels comfortable on my wrist. The only thing that I find a bit odd is that I can sometimes hear the magnets in the band moving against each other when I move my wrist. Not a deal-breaker, just a minor oddity.

I wanted the Apple watch primarily for the fitness tracking aspects. I was thrilled when I heard it had a gyroscope, accelerometer, and heartbeat sensor. I was less thrilled when I learned that Apple hasn’t opened up sensor access in WatchKit. I hope they’ll change their minds about that in the future. I have (or had) an app in mind that needs such data. Also, it would be interesting to look at gyroscope or accelerometer data from a session of Angamardana, which is the most intense workout I’ve ever encountered.

I do wish the watch’s Workout app would allow me to rename the “Other” exercise to something of my choosing or at least rename it in the Health app on my iPhone. The ironic thing is that if you manually add workout data in the workout section of the Health app, there are a myriad of workout types. The Health app does allow data exports though, so that’s nice.


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